Frequent Questions

How should I get there?

The most recommended travel method is by plane. The local airport, Guillermo de Castillo Paredes, has flights everyday from Lima and Iquitos. Airlines that fly to Tarapoto are: LATAM Airlines Perú (, AVIANCA (, PERUVIAN AIRLINES (, STAR PERÚ ( and SKYWAY.

If you travel domestically, there are straight flights from Lima and other cities on the coast. Some companies that arrive to Tarapoto are: MOVILTOURS ( and CIVA (

How is the weather?

Weather is hot and humid. In Tarapoto the average temperature fluctuates between 25°C. and 34°C at its peak. The freshest time of the year is between May and August. During the festivity of  San Juan in June you could experience a lower temperature than usual for a few days and the hottest time of the year is between September and January. Rain is experienced all year but the rainiest time of the year is between January and May.


You must stay protected from the sun, even on cloudy days the sun’s radiation is high and you could get burned. Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue and others illnesses transmitted by insects are not common in Tarapoto and surrounding areas. If you want to get vaccinated anyways, visit the nearest health center.

Perfect place for all age kids, swimming in the pools and enjoying nature.

What should I take?

Thin comfy cloth to trek in the forest. Trekking shoes, a pair of sandals, swimming suit. Also you have to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunblock and insect repellent. It’s always a good idea to carry a bottle of water or any drink to rehydrate. If you are using an specific medication don’t forget to bring enough.

Advices to travel around the area

To go around the city, the best way is to take a motocar. Always ask the price before jumping in. Local people can advice you about the appropiate price rate of the route to take. For trips outside town, there’s a chance to rent a car with or without a driver, or you can take an agency bus.